Workplace Mental Health
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An international study was conducted in a workplace focusing on mental health, this study has revealed that workplace stigma has a huge impact on medical outcomes and employers. On a wide scale, mental health is rife according to the research within the workplace and this has become a very concerning matter as employers do not report their mental health conditions; preventing employees from receiving the support they need to improve their daily life.

Recently, a study has shown that 3,894 employees across the world market which include the UK, Canada, Australia, and the US was constructed by Ipsos MORI, commissioned by global virtual care experts Teledoc health. A research conducted on people who have been diagnosed with mental illness shows that 82% chose to hide their difficulties from their workplace management instead of speaking to a professional about their problems, around 38% are in fear of negative feedback impacting their career. Another reason is that 22% of employees fear being tarnished by someone with a professional status judging them by their mental illness and capability to work within a business environment, along with 21% saying they dread the embarrassment they would have to face. Additionally, around 10% of other employees restrict themselves from helping others because of the backlash such as losing their job, due to confiding in someone with poor mental health.

Employees have pleaded that greater access to support is needed to aid people with mental health as this could disrupt their performance within the workplace and in their daily lives. Around 43% of employees have concluded that there aren’t many outlets or support to raise awareness regarding mental health, while 38% say guidance and support on mental health would be much more beneficial as this would improve their overall performance. More than 55% do agree that more should be done to solve the ongoing problem of mental health in the workplace. However, 50% have mentioned executives and leaders should expose battling mental health, this would certainly encourage employees to come forward and confess their distress so that further investigation can be constructed to solve the problem allowing employees to be comfortable within their own skin. On the other hand, half of the employees, 45%, would seek help if mental health support was provided and more open conversations on this subject.


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