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Plan, Plan, Plan!

Planning is a good way of looking into the future and figuring out how and what you’re going to do next to keep your New Year’s resolution. Are you planning on going to the gym? Do you want to eat healthier? Being able to focus more? These are all fantastic resolutions, but ideally, you should also decide how you will accomplish these goals. Here are a few tips to help you keep your New Year’s resolution.

Simple Is Better

A long list of New Year’s resolutions isn’t an ideal solution to your problems. This can become overwhelming and difficult to manage as you try to complete each task. A good way of going about this is to keep your resolutions realistic and feasible to complete. Less is more effective when it comes to new changes and you’ll often find that having less to worry about is better for productivity. For example, going to the gym and eating healthier go hand-in-hand which is a great and simple way to start the New Year.

Choosing A Date

Now that you have decided on what you want to achieve in the New Year, it’s important to set yourself a date. Take your time, consider what you want to achieve from this goal, and think about a date that would be realistic for you to meet your resolutions. Some resolutions may not even require a deadline as you might find that you want to keep up the new change, such as eating healthier and exercising more. However, for other goals that can be time-specific, such as quitting smoking or drinking, it’s better to kick these habits sooner than later.

You Can Do It!

Its time to start your New Year’s resolution, stay committed and dedicated to each task that you’ve planned. Focus and concentration are key, write them down so that it stays at the front of your mind or do whatever is necessary to stay on track with your plans. Writing things like “I will eat healthily”, “I will invest my money”, this will keep you motivated for the year. It’s important to remember that things take time to achieve and they often don’t just happen overnight. Don’t be off-put when something isn’t going your way and remember the reason why you wanted to take up these resolutions. Commitment is key!


If you’ve made a mistake by going back on your resolution, don’t worry! It’s still very early in the year and you have plenty of time to get the new changes back on track. Don’t be too hard on yourself as changing the things that you are used to can be quite difficult. Take some time to think about what triggered you to make that choice and see how you can learn from your mistakes to avoid breaking your New Year’s resolution in the future. For example, if healthier eating is your resolution, then you may want to take a different route so that you avoid going past your favourite fast food restaurant. This doesn’t mean you have to completely cut out unhealthy foods from your lifestyle, but this will at least reduce the temptation.

The New Year is about looking back at your past and identifying things that you are not happy with. It’s about improving yourself and making the right positive choices to make your lifestyle better than the previous year. Keep your head held high and keep moving forward!

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