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The recent Lloyds Bank Spending Power Report states that people all over the UK are ready to set out to grab a bargain this week. Although, by the end of the day, the total savings can reach a substantial level, since one in five are hoping to save an average of £191 on their Black Friday Spending.

Many cities are energetic and enthusiastic like the Londoners, where the 30% will undertake some spending on the day. The people in North West (22%) and Yorkshire and Humberside (21%) are seeking to take advantage. Around just 13% of people in the South West see themselves splashing the cash. On the other hand, the people in Wales (16%) and East of England (16%) are the ones that have less chances of seeking a potential bargains.

It comes with no surprise that advanced technology is a main target for spenders, as these item can be very expensive. Almost half (45%) said they would only purchase electrical goods like laptops and smartphones. In addition to this, 34% stated they would be purchasing bigger items like a television. Also, one in four (24%) are predicted to buy household electrical items such as fridges and washing machines. The savvy shoppers (13%) are expecting to purchase items of furniture and bags and luggage. Moreover, 17% may be looking for a discount on jewellery for a Christmas proposal.

Black Friday is a fairly recent phenomenon in the UK, and it would seem millennials most likely to take part. 37% of 18-34 year olds plan to make purchases on the day, against just 9% of the over 55s. They are also more eager to make their cash go further and grab a bargain, with the average expected saving reported to be £216, against the £153 over 55s believe they will achieve. Interestingly, youngsters are more likely to be purchasing clothes in the sales (47%).


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