Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe This Summer
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While many of us are considering the opportunities of going away on holiday this Summer, it’s important that we still remember to make sure that our homes are still as secure as they can be while we are enjoying the summer.

Here are some tips to help keep your home secure:

Avoid Being A Target

While you’re away on holiday, you’re going to be tempted to share some of your pictures on social media. However, posting about your holiday on social media could make you a target as it gives away that you are away from home. You should change your profile settings to private to keep any prying eyes out and also consider sharing your images only once you are back home.

Consider Smart Lighting Options

Using timers on your lights or app-controlled lighting is a method of a deterrent. During summer, there will be longer daylight hours which means you will only need to turn the lights on for part of the hours of darkness. It’s also a relatively affordable option, but you could also invest in smart outdoor lighting if you wanted an extra layer of security.

Locking Windows and Doors

Although obvious, it can be tempting to leave your windows open to ventilate the house and keep it cool. However, thieves are often opportunists and open windows are a magnet for them. At the very least, you should keep the windows downstairs closed and locked during the night to reduce the chances of becoming a target for thieves.

If you’re spending time in your garden this summer, you should also remember to keep all access doors and windows locked. You may not be able to hear signs of a break-in if you’re in your garden, so it’s important to keep access points locked.

Hide Your Valuables

It’s a good idea to keep your valuables, keys and jewellery away from visible parts of the home. In particular, you should keep your valuables away from windows and the front door where cat flaps or letterboxes are present. By hiding your valuables and keeping them out of reach, you are reducing the likelihood of being a victim of opportunist crime.

Turn Off The Heating or Hot Water

If you’re going to be away for a period of time over summer, you should consider turning off or turning down the heating and hot water. Not only would this help you save money, but this can also reduce the likelihood of water leaks or other related problems from occurring.

However, if it’s a winter holiday, you may wish to leave your heating or hot water if you need to keep your pipes from freezing and keep your house warm.

Investing in Additional Home Security

If you’d like to increase the security of your home further, you could invest in home security systems such as cameras or burglar alarms. These act as effective deterrents and would reduce the likelihood of opportunist thieves from targeting your home. Even decoy alarm boxes would help reduce the chances of theft. Many security cameras now also can be monitored through your mobile phone, so you can keep an eye on your home while on holiday.

Ask Your Neighbours

If you’re going away this summer, you may wish to ask your neighbour to keep an eye on your house and help pick up any post or packages that may arrive. If you have some outdoor plants, you could also ask your neighbour to help water them for you while you are away. You can then return the favour when your neighbours are going on holiday.

Neighbourhood Watch

The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme has proven to be very successful and if you currently do not have one on your road, you may wish to set one up. You’ll benefit from police support and your neighbours will also be working to keep the road safe and reduce crime in the area.

One last thing to note is checking your home and contents policy to ensure that it’s up to date, especially if you will be away from home for a long period.


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