Saving Money on Home Insurance

Some customers are paying more for their car and home insurance when they renew with their current provider, compared to if they were a new customer. A new proposal announced by The Financial Condu

Preparing Your Property To Sell

With the stamp duty holiday in effect, many homeowners are now considering their plans for moving into a new property.  If you’re one of these homeowners and yo

Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Property?

At the beginning of July, Halifax confirmed that house prices have fallen four months in a row, overall. This was the first-time house prices had declined since 2010. When it comes to the quietest

Time to Move?

The government estimated that approximately 450,000 people in the UK have been restricted on continuing their plans with moving home since lockdown. The government procedures have urged people to stay

40% Would Prefer To Extend Than Move Home

According to the latest research from TSB, 41% of homeowners would rather build an extension than move house after the changes in planning law. The research discovered that 80% of people thought that

60% of Britons Do Not Have Life Insurance

According to the latest reports from Money Super Market, the data shows that two-thirds of Brits do not have life insurance, even though a large majority have dependents or property to protect. The

Retirement Funding For Young People

According to the latest research from Canada Life, it shows evidence that the UK’s younger generation is three times more likely than the older generation to use their property wealth to fund retire

Cracks Appearing

The latest survey from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) has exposed that over 10,000 households made claims that are worth a total sum of £64 million. This is used to deal with the impact of