Mortgage Payment Holidays Can Be Extended

Did you know, one in six mortgages is now covered by a payment holiday, with more than 1.82 million mortgage borrowers having been granted a payment holiday by lenders? An option f

About Mortgage Payment Holidays

To help people who have had their circumstances changed as a result of Covid-19, the Chancellor announced a series of measures to alleviate the financial impact of losing a job or self-employe

Base Rate Reduced to 0.1%

The Bank of England had announced further reductions to the base rate. The current base rate is now at 0.1%, the lowest it has ever been in the UK. Previously, the Bank of England

Direct Mortgage Customers Have No Protection

According to the statistics from Legal & General Mortgage Club, 34% of their consumers who’ve purchased their mortgage direct from a lender have no protection policy in place, such as critical i

Mortgage Market Unaffected

The latest mortgage monitor research from E.surv reveals that there were 65,801 residential mortgages approved during May 2019. This indicates a 1.2% rise compared to the same month a year earlier.

Monthly Cost Rises For Buy-to-let

According to the latest research from the online mortgage broker, Property Master, it states that the cost of the majority of fixed rate buy-to-let mortgages appear to be on the rise. Statistics fr