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Research from Barclays shows that students stress levels have increased considerably due to financial worries. An example of this is anxiety levels peaking at 61%, Mental health at 55% and Sleep deprivation at 52%, money even impact their relationships at 34% and huge 83% saying they’re worried about running out of money in their first term of Uni. To be exact, over 41% of students expose that they find managing money one of the most stressful parts of their whole university experience, 44% of students aren’t sure where to go for guidance and assistance on handling their money , adding to their stress while juggling studies, exams and social life.

To assist students with their finances, Barclays have put together a trial of service for students offering them the chance to attend a free puppy session in branch which would possibly reduce stress, putting the students at ease.

The sessions have been trialed for research, the bank has revealed that despite 76% of students has been organised and started to plan how they would spend their money finding the best way to save their money and spend wisely while 39% have completely ran out of money in their first term of Uni. Additionally, 64% of students emptied their bank accounts half way through their Uni year; 10% have splashed their cash after freshers week with the whole term ahead of them. Majority of students, 94%, have mentioned that they used supplement their student loan to handle living costs and their daily University life; 41% choose to apply for a part time term time job so that they can handle the expenses of university. Moreover, 52% of students rely on their parents and family to assist and guide them financially which could also stress their parents and family out as well.

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