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According to the government, they are proposing to relax the rules on building planning regulations with the aim of speeding up the number of new homes being built. These could be the biggest changes to the system we’ve seen for 70 years.


New Planning Bill

The Prime Minister has decided to place home ownership at the heart of the promises that were made at the election in order to resolve the perceived imbalances between the North and the South of the country. In order to do this, a new planning bill is due before Parliament during this session and it should make it easier for developers to obtain planning permission to build new homes.

The new planning bill was also included in the Queen’s speech this year and it aims to improve the likelihood of property ownership across the country. In particular, in areas where the Conservative government had won seats from Labour at the general election.

The new plans are seen to be controversial as they also propose to scrap the Section 106 agreements. Section 106 is an agreement between the local planning authorities and developers about the measures that developers must take in order to reduce the impact of the developments on the local community. It’s considered that this will make it too easy for local authorities and residents to block developments.

There were also other measures which had been outlined, including mandating councils to zone areas of land on three criteria: growth, protection or renewal. On areas of land that have been zoned for growth should benefit from automatic outline planning permission, meaning that councils will not be able to refuse applications if they comply with the local rules.

The government also reinforced their determination to push ahead with all of the proposed reforms, even with the understandable backlash from environmental groups who feel that the local residents and councils won’t have the power to stop or change developments that are unsuitable.


The Quality of New Build Properties

One of the areas of concern about the new build properties is the overall quality. Many of the current new builds have been called into question and if this continues, then it could work against the goal of building the volumes of new homes required and to the right standards. According to a recent national home buyers survey, it’s been reported that over 97% of new home buyers have experienced problems or defects to their builders last year. It is evident that something also needs to be done about holding builders to stricter rules of quality control in order to meet both the governments and the buyers’ expectations.


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