Do I Need Insurance?

When it comes to insurance and protection, what do people think about and would they actually take out protection? The data from the Royal London’s second State of Protection Nation report reveals s

The Pocket Money Economy

Pocket money is a great way to teach children about earning money, saving money, and spending it wisely. The new research from Santander reveals the true drivers behind the ‘pocket money economy’

Time Changes in Modern Working Lives

The traditional 9 to 5 working day is becoming less common and conventional as the times that people want to enjoy their leisure activities are changing. Whether it’s going to the pub, enjoying a me

Do Supermarkets Affect Your Property Value?

Lloyds Bank has conducted research into how supermarkets could affect properties and the value of properties. From their research, they have found that living near a supermarket can increase your prop

Affordable City Living

From the Lloyds Bank’s Affordable Cities Review, the data shows that the affordability of homes across the UK is at its worst level since 2007. House prices are rising as a multiple of average yearl

Growth of First-Time Buyers

In 2017, there is an estimated number of first-time buyers to have reached 359,000. According to the Halifax First-Time Buyer Review, those that are new to the property market are pla

House Price Growth

From the research conducted by the Nationwide Building Society, they found that the annual rate of house price growth has increased to 3.2% at the beginning of 2018, compared to

Interest-Only Mortgages

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is urging people with interest-only mortgages to take action after they have found that many have not talked to their current lender about the repayment options a

How Much Are Houses In National Parks?

Lloyds Bank has conducted research into the values of properties in national parks. According to this research, house prices in the twelve national parks measured, are on average, £116,501

The Unfortunate Liverpool Car Park Incident

The unfortunate incident at the Echo Arena car park in Liverpool had destroyed up to 1,400 vehicles which had caused many people to be temporarily stranded. The Association of Brit