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The traditional 9 to 5 working day is becoming less common and conventional as the times that people want to enjoy their leisure activities are changing. Whether it’s going to the pub, enjoying a meal, or having a workout at the gym, the changes to the modern working lives are not reflected by the opening hours of businesses. The new Hospitality and Leisure report from Barclays shows that although over a quarter of the leisure and hospitality businesses are recognising this growing demand, the business opening hours are not keeping up with the modern working life.

Since our leisure time has changed, the new report shows that a quarter of workers would like to go to a museum in the evening (between 6PM to 11PM), over one in ten (13%) film fans would choose to go to the cinema during the small hours (11PM to 5AM), and almost one in five (19%) late-night diners would choose to grab a takeaway after closing time (between 11PM to 5AM).

The new report from Barclays reveals that only a third (37%) of British workers work the traditional 9 to 5 hours, with over a fifth (22%) of British workers saying that they need different opening hours. This report also shows that there is a similar number (19%) expects 24-hour hospitality services. By responding to this demand, restaurants (£2.2bn per annum), takeaways (£2.1bn), and pubs, bars, and clubs (£1.2bn) could benefit the most.

From the new report, we can also see that there are almost one in five (18%) of hospitality and leisure business leaders are already changing their opening hours to meet the demands. As Britain is becoming more health conscious, sports clubs and gyms have been quick to adapt to these changes in leisure times.

Whereas on the other hand, Takeaway services have left nearly one third (32%) of workers looking for more, having been unable to order food due to the business being closed. Although there are online food delivery services which provide customers and restaurants with a platform for home delivery, the report shows that almost a third (£32%) have been unable to get a takeaway. There is a desire to order a takeaway during the small hours which is even higher amongst the younger workers (18 to 24-year-olds), with (37%) keen for delivery between 11PM and 5AM.


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