Mortgage Payment Holidays Can Be Extended
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Did you know, one in six mortgages is now covered by a payment holiday, with more than 1.82 million mortgage borrowers having been granted a payment holiday by lenders?

An option for borrowers to defer their mortgage payments have been extended to 31st October to help those that have been affected by the coronavirus, as confirmed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Landlords and homeowners that have already taken a payment holiday on their mortgage now have the option to extend if necessary, depending on their circumstances. However, lenders may also offer other alternative options which can be considered, such as reducing the monthly payments, moving to an ‘interest only’ plan for a short period, or even extending the term of the mortgage payments to make it more affordable.

For those that have been able to pay their mortgage during lockdown may be in a worse financial situation recently due to COVID-19. The option to defer mortgage payments may now be needed and it is available under the new guidance.

However, deferring your mortgage payments, if not necessary, can lead to consequences in the future. Although it doesn’t directly impact your credit score, your future mortgage payments will increase. Lenders may also treat you differently as a borrower. The Financial Conduct Authority had also reminded us that our credit scores aren’t the only source that lenders can use to assess your creditworthiness. By deferring your mortgage payments, there could be consequences in the future.

Extending your current payment holiday or taking a new payment holiday may not be the best choice for everyone and should be carefully considered before applying for one. If you are concerned about your financial situation, then please get in touch with us before you make a decision.

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