Looking for a Property in the Country?
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Now that the lockdown restrictions have begun easing across the UK, travelling is now less restricted and movement across the UK and to other countries is becoming easier.

Recently, there has been a growing trend of people who are currently living in cities with restrictions and are looking to move to the countryside or more rural areas. As a result, we have seen an increase in activity in the property market for rural areas.

Data from Resolution Trust shows that there is evidence that city dwellers moving out to villages and towns is one of the many reasons for the house price increases in rural areas. The data shows that in less densely populated areas, the property values have seen increases that were almost twice as fast as in towns and cities. In addition, their survey has found that house prices have risen by more than 10% in the country since February 2020, whereas it was at 6% for urban areas.

Another main driver for this increase could have been due to the implementation of the Government’s stamp duty holiday in addition to the low rates of interest in the mortgage sector.

Simultaneously, the activity for flats and smaller properties have seen decreases. The pandemic has highlighted that homeowners and tenants with larger properties have benefited from the extra indoor space and also, in many cases, the luxury of an outdoor space or garden. These have shown to be beneficial both physically and mentally for people during lockdown.

Furthermore, data from the Resolution Foundation revealed that one in five children in low-income households had spent the first lockdown in accommodation that was overcrowded. Nowadays, overcrowding affects all age groups more than it had twenty years ago.

Now that we’ve had a look at some of the reasons for more people moving to rural areas, are you tempted to start looking around for properties in the countryside?

Taking a look at rural areas like Cornwall, it’s a place where many of us have either a memory of as a child or have visited before. When you think about Cornwall, you’ll probably be thinking of the golden beaches and blue skies, but it’s also important to think about if the reality will meet your expectations.


Here are some points for you to consider:

Property Prices – One of the main things to consider is the prices of the properties. Popular areas are expected to have higher property prices, but estate agents have been reporting that they have little to sell. The properties that they do have are being snatched up quickly. Another thing to keep in mind is that the property prices that are displayed by the estate agents are often just the starting price. There may be bidders on the property and the estate agents will just sell the house to the highest bidder.

Although this situation cannot go on forever, it might be a good idea to wait until the market is a bit calmer, unless you have the money to spend that is.


Local Amenities – Another important point to consider is if you will have easy access to all of the local amenities that you need. Unless you don’t mind travelling a bit further to access these conveniences, it’s important to think about if there are essential shops nearby. Even things like easy access to the GPs, schools, and train networks should be considered.

If your countryside cottage is in the middle of nowhere, it’s going to be more difficult for many things, particularly if you are working from home. You’ll need reliable internet and there’s no guarantee that you’ll have great internet connectivity in the rural areas.


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