Landlords Thinking Of Selling Up
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According to the latest research from LV= General Insurance, almost £4.7 billion a year is being spent by UK landlords on their rental properties, which is an average of £3,134 each.

The research revealed that for many, the time and cost involved in managing their properties has become so great that over 600,000 (41%) are actively considering selling up.

The costs include renovations and refurbishments (£370), replacing or repairing the boiler (£370), fixing structural damage (£313), decorating (£265) and garden maintenance (£203).

Furthermore, two-thirds of landlords state the carpets in their property are most likely to be damaged by tenants (66%), with walls (45%), white goods (27%) and doors (24%) also on top of the list. Landlords will have to spend most their money on replacing or repairing due to the actions of their tenants, these damages include repairing flooring (£322), white goods (£298), or other items (£256), cleaning at the end of a tenancy (£178) and removing items that have been left behind by previous tenants (£149).

Despite this, the accidental damage costs could be covered by landlord insurance, however latest research also revealed that 13% currently don’t have the right insurance in place, therefore puts them at risk of losing out on up to £3,000 a year.

Across the UK, the cost of becoming a landlord will vary between regions. The area which has spent the most money on repairing damage made by tenants is the South West, spending an average of £3,461 on repairs. On the other hand, landlords in the North West on average spend the least on repairing the damage, almost £1,000 less (£2,738).

Moreover, damages to the property and consecutive repairs can impact the relationship between landlord and tenant and a third (34%) of landlords state that bad tenants are the most difficult aspect of the job. However, almost half (46%) have never experienced a tenant dispute, while a quarter (23%) have disputes at least once a year, with 6% having them at least once a month. The most common causes for tenant disputes are delayed rent (43%), damage to property (41%), cleanliness (33%), disputes over bills or deposits) (10%), pets (9%) and sub-letting (7%).

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