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According to the recent research from AIG Life, they have revealed that 18.3 million people are living what is labelled as ‘illness denial’ as they are failing to accept the fact they are at risk of disease or developing a major medical condition in their lifetime.

Moreover, the statistics from the research shows that 54% of people don’t believe they will suffer from cancer, stroke or heart disease – the three main causes of death in the UK.

The informative study states hope is beating reality – just 22% questioned expect to be affected by cancer in their lifetime. While those who are born after 1960, the data shows the risk is 50%, where it adds up to 14.2 million living in a state of cancer denial alone.

The data analysis from the reports reveals that 385 of cancer cases including lung, bowel and skin melanoma are preventable with lifestyle changes. In addition to this, having an early diagnosis has a major impact on survival chance with NHS cancer screenings, which are in place for bowel, breast and cervical cancer, providing a vital service.

Moreover, the research also reveals that illness denial affects heart disease too – only 17% believe that they will be affected while official statistics show heart and circulatory diseases causing 26% of all deaths. In the UK, strokes are the main leading cause of death and disability in the UK but only 7% believe it could affect them.

Furthermore, statistics also show that 77% of adults say that they would experience a financial problem if they developed a serious in the next six months, with 26% saying they would have significant financial problems.

Having financial protection in place would help relieve the potential pressure on family and friends. The report reveals that 34% of people would need to rely on friends and family for financial support if they suffered serious illnesses in later life.


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