Good Intentions
Stuart Mosley No Comments

When I first signed up to Rat Race’s Ultra Tour of Arran, I had every intention of training for it properly and in good time. I had every intention of sticking to a training programme, so I was well prepared to run farther than I ever have before, and, let’s face it, over some challenging terrain. I had every intention of running outdoors at least three times a week building up to the 30 miles I need to do for two days.

But, like all good intentions, they went a little awry. But not wholly because of my lack of motivation and a general dislike of running. I never expected my training to be disrupted by our good ole English weather – and before you call me a ‘fair weather runner’ (which to be fair, you’d be sort of right), would you go out in the 70mph winds that storms Dennis and Ciara brought and the Biblical-type rain we had here which has led to the River Severn flooding multiple times over the last month – which put paid to my outdoor outings. I think not.

I have, nonetheless, continued my training indoors. I’ve had to increase and adapt my gym training, and of late I’ve definitely got value for money from my gym membership. My gym sessions are now regularly incorporating sprint runs on the treadmill, spin classes, box jumps, HIIT sessions as well as a stretching regime to offset the aches and pains. I’m fortunate that my gym buddy is a very good runner, so he has been invaluable in giving me training programmes and tips.

In the last few weeks, it’s been great to get outside and clock up some miles. And yes, I did just say that. I am now enjoying running, albeit being acutely aware of the need to up the mileage over the next ten days before I start to taper off. Panic started to set in when I was reading on forums that other participants had already started to taper off….

So the last few weekends, and a few midweek evenings, I’ve been running in the Wyre Forest, which I will be doing again this weekend, and on Sunday, took part in a 100k road ride for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice. My rationale, anything to help build up the legs is beneficial.

My attention is now turning to being prepared in other ways for the event.  The organisers’ list of ‘essential kit’ is rather startling, both for my mind and my wallet… purchase of new off-road trainers that arrived this week looks rather poor showing in comparison to the long list of items on there. 

And now we have the COVID-19 virus threatening cancellation of events with mass gathering. I anxiously await the decision of the organisers….watch this space!