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New Year!

Writing things down is an ideal solution to remembering tasks and keeping on top of them throughout the year, especially typing them on your phone or even setting a reminder. New year, new you! Start putting your priorities first and what needs to be changed for a better lifestyle, for example, facing any financial problems that you may have.

Jot down everything you need to do, and each month, focus on the specific tasks that you have set.

Eco Route

You have signed up for a gym membership that you haven’t attended in a while, allowing money to just leak out of your pockets as you sit down and put your feet up. To save money, there is a much better way of staying active but reducing the amount of money you spend. Most gyms offer the ability for you to pay per session, so if you find that you’re only going to the gym once a week, it might be more cost-effective to pay as you go. Walking and cycling could be also be an excellent solution to your problems as this can be a very effective way of keeping fit but also saving money as well.

Additionally, this will reduce carbon footprint as driving can increase this occurring problem. Also, less driving will mean less purchases on fuel; these are ideal solution if you want to become more eco-friendly.

Avoid Using Contactless

Many people have been guilty of tapping their money away. You may make small purchases here and there, but these small amounts do add up. Not knowing how much money you have spent over the last month can be a very dangerous game. Furthermore, if contactless is easier for you then try to calculate how much you have spent each time you go out, this is a very efficient way of keeping on top of expenditure.

Lost Pennies

Pennies can get lost down your sofa or in between corners, get yourself a money jar so that you don’t end up losing any pennies as every penny counts, overtime the jar will reach the top and this will be your personal monthly income from saving all those pennies that you had instead of leaving them lying around the house such as £1, 2p, and 50p coins.


Firstly, an ideal way of saving money is to look for the best deals and use exclusive offers or vouchers to save a considerable amount of money.

Furthermore, acquiring a loyalty card can allow you to receive one off deals and vouchers. Sometimes, supermarkets such as Sainsburys allow you to build up points on your card over time, so therefore, the more points you have the more deals you may be able to receive on your groceries.

Be One Step Ahead

Plan for your future; think of where you want to be in the next coming months. Prepare for next year’s financial battles that you may face by getting a new job or investing your money into a business that you can increase the amount that you have in your bank account. That way, you don’t have to worry about Christmas again like last year.


Small changes to your lifestyle can make a dramatic difference, increasing the money in your bank account and improving the way you manage your money. We have concluded that giving up isn’t an option, and moving forward achieving your goals in the best way to develop as a person but also to increase the funds in your wallet.

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