Embracing Self-Care
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Looking after yourself during these uncertain and difficult times is more important than ever.

When you think about it this way, if you don’t make time to take care of your wellbeing, you will be forced to take time to recover from an illness. Everyone needs downtime and without it, our bodies and minds will have no rest, ultimately leading to burnout.

Virus outbreaks, such as the Coronavirus, can be scary and it could have an impact on our mental well-being. To help you embrace self-care and better manage your wellbeing during these difficult times, we have provided a few tips below.


Stay Hydrated

Did you know, around 60% of the body is made of water? As such, it’s important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. When you get the recommended number of hours of sleep (around six to eight hours), this is a long period to go without consuming water for your body. By drinking water first thing in the morning, it can help you rehydrate. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day as well.


Embrace the Outdoors

While it’s important to stay at home during the lockdown period, you are allowed to go outside for exercise. Make the most out of this and use the outdoors to boost your mood. Even something as simple as opening your curtains to let more natural light in can make your home brighter and in turn, positively affect your mental health.

If you have a garden, you can go out and enjoy some fresh air. If you don’t have a garden, you can take a walk to your local nature reserve or perhaps just go for a run or cycle.

According to Mind, the mental health charity, spending time in green space and bringing nature into your life can be beneficial for both mental and physical wellbeing.


Stay Connected

Staying in touch with your friends and loved ones is very important, especially during these difficult times. There are so many ways for people to keep in contact these days thanks to technology. We have phones, Skype, social media, texting, emails, and more. Now that we need to stay at home, this is a great opportunity to catch up with distant friends or family who you’ve been meaning to get in touch with for a while. For more tips on how you can stay connected during this period, please read our article here.


Eating Healthy

Although we are staying at home these days, most restaurants and fast-food chains are offering delivery services. It can be tempting to opt for a convenient delivery meal or a pre-made meal for the microwave. While it is nice to treat yourself to these types of food once in a while, these ‘fast’ meals usually do not have enough of the right nutrients to feed your body. Making a healthy meal for yourself or your family, even if it’s once or twice a week, can be a great way to maintain a balanced diet. If you don’t like cooking, perhaps you can look into a meal delivery service or a meal kit that can help you get started at home.


Immerse Yourself into a New Book

In a technologically advanced world, we tend to use our mobile phones and gadgets for entertainment or comfort. Sometimes, scrolling through your social media news feeds can contribute to our stress and anxiety, rather than helping reduce it. Taking a break from using technology can be a nice change, especially if you have new things you want to learn through books. You may want to indulge in reading a fictional thriller or listen to an audio book. Reading something new can help us slow down and unwind when compared to looking at our phones all the time. Reading a book is great for improving your mood and it can also help you stay for mindful and present.

When life gets tough or becomes stressful, self-care is often the first thing that gets neglected. When this happens enough, people often start thinking that taking time for themselves seems indulgent. However, looking after your health and wellbeing will help you get through these difficult times and can help you to take better care of your loved ones.


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