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The Association of British insurers has reassured companies and homeowners about the flood that had affected them, insurers are working hard to recover for the loss of possessions and anything that was vital to the company or homeowner. Temporary alternative accommodation has been provided for the stranded and unfortunate, to do this a customer will be contacted in flooded areas, if it is appropriate to do so, organising a clean up and repair process.

Anyone who has suffered from the flood should contact their insurer immediately. Most people will have emergency helplines so that it is easier to contact insurers, receiving help and advice on what to do in this tragic situation. Insurers have multiple teams on the ground carrying out their duties of helping their customers while managing the claim made by the customer in the process. As stated by the Association of British insurers, customers shouldn’t return to their homes or businesses unless it is safe to do so, due to electric wires and other important components of the house not being habitable until the insurers team has fixed everything for you.

To prevent damages from getting worse, arranging emergency repairs is a good idea stop any further deterioration of your home. Remember to communicate with your insurer about an emergency repair because you would have to keep the receipt which would become part of your claim, do not rush to throw away any damaged items as this could be repaired, unless they are a danger to your well being. If you decide to throw away items, then I suggest taking a photograph and a small sample for example your carpet because your insurer will advise you to do so.

Your property may take weeks to fully dry so don’t be too hasty to decorate your home again, you will be advised by your insurer.

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