Things To Know About Student Loans

University is a significant investment and for many students, it could be their first time applying for a student loan. A student loan is designed to help students to pay for education and the asso

The Importance Of Writing A Will

Without a will, what you leave behind may not go where you would have wanted it to. Having a will in place means that you get to decide what happens with your possessions afte

Will Student Loans Be Affected By COVID-19?

The current situation with COVID-19 has affected the way that many firms are delivering their services and the Student Loans Company (SLC) has also been affected. Although Student Loans Company has

Announcement of Self-Employed Support Scheme

The Chancellor announced that help would be available to those who rely on self-employed income, particularly those who have made profits up to £50,000. This will be also available to those who fi

Top Tips For Your New Year’s Resolution

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Planning is a good way of looking into the future and figuring out how and what you're going to do next to keep your New Year’s resolution. Are you planning on going to t

Housing Price Increases in 2020

Due to last year’s election, the politics has made it much clearer for buyers and sellers to make an intelligent decision. Jonathan Samuels, the chief executive for Lender Octane Capital, comment

Financial Hangover

New Year!

Writing things down is an ideal solution to remembering tasks and keeping on top of them throughout the year, especially typing them on your phone or even setting a reminder. New y

April 2020 – Increase in National Living Wage

Twenty years have passed since the Labour Government introduced the national minimum wage in Great Britain which was implemented to stop unlawful low pay. The Low Pay Commission (LPC), the Government