Can I Move Home During Lockdown?

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of a national lockdown in England, some people are uncertain about whether if this will affect their house moving plans. Although there are restrictions i

Saving Money on Home Insurance

Some customers are paying more for their car and home insurance when they renew with their current provider, compared to if they were a new customer. A new proposal announced by The Financial Condu

Preparing Your Property To Sell

With the stamp duty holiday in effect, many homeowners are now considering their plans for moving into a new property.  If you’re one of these homeowners and yo

Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Property?

At the beginning of July, Halifax confirmed that house prices have fallen four months in a row, overall. This was the first-time house prices had declined since 2010. When it comes to the quietest

Approval to Extend Property

Up until now, it was bad enough having to draw up plans that the local council are happy with, but you also had to negotiate with your neighbours to overcome their objections. The planning laws that c