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According to the latest quarterly product data analysis by Mortgage Brain, it has been revealed that although the buy-to-let market remains to be largely stable, mortgage costs have started to decline.

Moreover, the report shows that the cost of a 60% LTV two-year tracker buy-to-let mortgage, is now 3% lower than it was three months ago. The same product with a 70% LTV now costs 2% less than it did in March, whereas the 80% LTV is now 0.5 lower.

The fall in costs are marginal, but they do offer buy-to-let investors a potential annualised saving of £234, £144, and £36 respectively on a £150k mortgage.

On the other hand, borrowers that are looking for a longer-term deal may also benefit from the small reduction in costs over the past quarter with Mortgage Brain’s recent data (as of 1st July 2019), revealing a 2% reduction in cost for a 60% and 80% LTV five-year fixed buy-to-let mortgage.

A decline in cost up to 1% has also been recorded for a 605 and 70% LTV three-year fixed buy-to-let mortgage.

Furthermore, the recent report from Mortgage Brain’s analysis reveals the true cost difference between the buy-to-let mortgages in comparison to the mainstream residential products. The recent statistics reveal the cost of the 80% LTV five-year fixed product is 19% higher than the same product type for a residential mortgage.

In addition to this, in comparison to a 60% LTV two-year tracker buy-to-let product, it will cost 8% more than its residential equivalent, while a 60% LTV three-year fixed costs 6% more.


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