Fall in Motor Premiums

February 20, 2019
Although reports may suggest that insurance premiums are going up, the figures that were recently published by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) suggest that there was an overall decrease in t

The Costs of Life Goals

February 14, 2019
It’s a new year and a new beginning for many amazing opportunities. Those that are planning on how to achieve their life dreams should keep in mind that the best things in life are often not free. T

Cohabiting Couples

February 6, 2019
According to the analysis by NatCen Social Research, the fastest growing type of family are cohabiting couples (both opposite and same-sex couples). These figures have more than doubled from 1.5 milli

Weekly UK Household Expenditure

February 1, 2019
The Office for National Statistics conducted research into the spending habits of the UK population and in the latest review, they found that the average weekly household expenditure was £572.60 in t